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IMPORTANT - COVID19 For your safety, we inform you of the measures our establishment takes and of the recommendations that our clients must follow


On the basis of the Measures against COVID in Rural Accommodation of the Institute of Hotel Tourism Quality of Spain, we have developed the anti-COVID protocol to guarantee security in Casa Jardín de la Plata.


It seems important to us that before your stay you know what we are doing and how we have modified some of our procedures so that you feel safe and comfortable in our accommodation.




  • We make the cancellation policy more flexible, we understand that in the current situation it is difficult to foresee in a long time what will happen

  • To the extent possible, payment will be made electronically

  • We minimize our decoration to facilitate cleaning.

  • We have implemented a cleaning plan and a record of it

  • We have hydroalcoholic gels and gloves for the use of our clients.

  • We maintain the air conditioning at an adequate room temperature ensuring sufficient air renewal, our air conditioning is underfloor heating

  • We have been trained to avoid direct contact with the client and in good practices to prevent covid-19 infections.

  • We manage access to our clients so that there are no crowds, in order to avoid contact between them.




Upon arrival at the accommodation, they will be received at the reception and the person responsible for receiving them will use a mask. The traveler or family unit will also use a mask; This person will be in charge of taking a photo of the DNI of the elderly and passing it on via WhatsApp to the telephone number that will be provided. (If they send them to me the day before arrival, everything will be prepared only for lack of signature). From these photos I will extract the data to make the parts of travelers and entry cards (things that we must do). Once done, they will be notified to sign all the documentation.

We will be provided with disinfecting gel, gloves and we disinfect the pen at each signature to avoid any danger. All protocols completed.

The person responsible (One person only) of the group of travelers will accompany Montaña to the accommodation, where he will be given the disinfected keys, will show him all the facilities of the house and how everything works, both people will be provided with masks and we will keep our distances security whenever possible.

Once the accommodation is delivered, the travelers will be responsible for cleaning and disinfecting it, as well as complying with the other regulations.




  • The rooms have been disinfected with virucidal agents.

  • All bedding has been washed with anti-virucidal detergents that maintains its effectiveness for 7 days.

  • We have minimized decoration to facilitate cleaning We continue to care about sustainability

  • We carry out selective waste separation.

  • We prioritize the use of reusable products.

  • We have an underfloor heating and cooling system that is respectful and sustainable with the environment.

  • Our accommodations have individual access and only share the garden and laundry area.

  • All personnel entering the apartments, including cleaning personnel, are required to wear a mask,

  • We provide all the apartments with hydroalcoholic gels and those who ask us for disinfecting liquid solution to apply on those surfaces that may suffer contamination during their stay.

  • We have added disposable items like hand drying paper to minimize the risk of contagion




  1. Follow at all times the safety and hygiene instructions established by the health authorities, as well as by the staff of the establishment.

  2. Proceed with hand disinfection with disinfectant gel at the entrance and exit of the establishment.

  3. Communicate to the staff of the establishment possible risks and dangers that are identified by the traveler.

  4. Immediately communicate to the establishment staff any suspected symptoms that may occur

  5. Collaborate in the provision of additional personal information that the establishment may request due to the health crisis

  6. Submit to temperature control that can be carried out from the establishment.

Baños de Montemayor, May 19, 2020


Rural apartments
Jardin de la Plata House

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